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Vitaminum E for pigeons

Water soluble nutrient

Properties and action:
Vitamin E plays important role in animal’s organism. It regulates carbohydrate and glicopen metabolism, gonads development, hormone conversions (it influences neurohypophysis and hypothalamus activity), stimulates antibodies production, acts antitoxically in cell components metabolism, prevents degenerative changes in muscles and liver. It exhibits strong antioxidant action through stabilising cell membranes’ phospholipides and enzymes prone to oxidisation. It also stimulates reproductive system functions: fertility, growth and development of egg cells, proper performance and quanity of spermatozoid, fertilization and egg hatching percentage, high embryo survival rate. It closely cooperates with selenium.

Vitamin E
Vehicle ad
1000,0 ml
The preparation may be applied in pigeons in case of vitamin E deficiency conditions. The vitamin is indispensable for maintenance of physiological efficiency of muscles, blood vessels, epithelial layer, mucosa, placenta and liver. As biological antioxidant, it protects cells from peroxides. It plays vital role in structure of biological membranes. In case of vitamin E deficiency, nervous and muscular cell membranes become labile and can be easily damaged (intercellular digestion, autolysis). It is the primary cause of encephalomalacia, higher vessel permeatability, muscle degeneration, necrosis, kidney, liver and pancreas lithiasis. It stimulates hormonal system and influences reproductive processes. Its deficiency may induce spermatogenesis disorders and increase in unfertilized eggs rate. Vitamin E administration is advisable in the event of effusion diathesis in chickens, muscle digestive atrophy, and to ensure fast growth, especially in case of intensive feeding, fat excess in feed, and reproduction disorders.

Administration and dosing:
Dilute the preparation in drinking water in following proportions:
Prophylactically - 25 ml/100 l of water; the dose may be doubled or tripled, depending on specific need.

100 ml

Shelf life:
24 months from production date.

Storage conditions:
Store in original, well-closed containers at room temperature.

Certificate number:
RG WETfarm 4610/op-82/99

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