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Vitaminum B complex+liver extract

Vitamin nutrient for animals

Properties and action:
Active components of Vitaminum B complex + liver extract preparation are vitamin B complex, inositol, methionine and liver extract, considered generous source of vitamins (mainly water soluble) and amino-acids. All preparation components are commonly known and have been used in animal treatment for years. Vitamin B complex plays important role in carbohydrate, protein and fat conversion. It stimulates many metabolic processes, catalise chemical reactions, regulate proper activity of tissues, organs and bodily systems. Vitamine B1 facilitates carbohydrate metabolism, is responsible for proper functioning of nervous tissue, cardiac muscle, digestive system, fat absorption, enzymatic activity and controls intestine peristalsis. Its deficiency may cause dwarfism, retardation, necrosis of cerebral cortex in lambs and cattle, water and sugar economy disorders, and inadequate energy utilisation. Vitamin B2 acts as a coenzyme in fat, protein, and nucleic acids metabolic conversions. In pigs it is essential in reproductive cycle. In poultry it influences egg laying rate and limits animal breeding costs. Its deficiency may lead to diarrhoeas, development inhibition, worse feed utilisation, and paralytic fingers flexion (fist clench). Vitamin B6, as an enzyme component, is vital in protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, and in conversions of mineral components. Its deficiency in organism may cause cachexia, hypoplasia, dermal changes, liver, heart, and nervous system damage, poor egg laying and hatching rates. Vitamin B12 is needed for proper growth, blood production process and metabolic conversions. Its deficiency may lead to anaemia, poor feed utilisation, inflammatory skin changes, and in poultry - to poor plumage, low egg laying rate and increased embryos mortality. Inositol and methionine cooperate closely with vitamin B complex, complementing their activity in biochemical conversions. Inositol, as a lipotropic agent, shields liver and supplies energetic substrates for nerve cells. Methionine acts as methylal groups supplier in biochemical synthesis. Liver extract is an excellent complement of vitamin and mineral nutrients, significantly enriching their content.

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Vitaminium B complex + liver extract is a nutrient indicated for poultry, swine, dogs, cats, and fur animals. It is used to enrich diet with vitamins and selected amino-acids. The preparation improves animals’ overall condition and health. Systematic application of the preparation guarantees animals’ proper development, especially in weakness periods, after past diseases or during intensive stress.

Administration and dosing:
Apply Vitaminium B complex + liver extract diluted in drinking water, depending on specific needs, in following proportions:
Poultry: 1 l/4000 l of drinking water;
Swine: 5-10 ml/ animal, daily;
Dogs: 0,5-5 ml/ animal, daily;
Cats, fur animals: 0,5-2 ml/ animal, daily;

100, 1000 ml bottle

Shelf life:
24 months from production date.

Storage conditions:
Store at room temperature, in dry place, in tightly closed original containers.

Certificate number:
PR WETFARM 4610/op-230/00

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