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Biotivet S plv

Nutrient enhancing catsí skin wholesomeness.

Properties and action:
The preparation is well adapted to the needs of kittens and adult cats. Biotin (vitamin H), as an activator, is involved in decarboxylation processes, desamination of aspartic acid, treonine, serine, synthesis of arginine, pyrimidines and fatty acids. It also participates in carbohydrate and protein conversion. Excessive amount of raw protein in catís diet results in skin inflammatory changes. Due to properties controlling these unfavourable changes, Biotivet S prevents harmful action of the substance. Vitamin H deficiency decreases immunity and adversely affects skin condition. It disturbs skin functioning and worsens quality and development of its products (hair, claws). Catís fur loses its gloss, hair become thin and less elastic. Animals organism is much more subject to allergic changes, eczemas, and hair coat loss. The preparation favourably affects claw development and hardening.

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Biotivet S is applied prophylactically in intensive growth phase, hair coat formation and in animals prone to dermal diseases (inflammations, eczemas, excessive hair loss, lack of hair elasticity). The preparation is administered to hasten hair growing process in the moulting period and after cases of dermatitis. Biotivit S ensures fine hair gloss, hair density and elasticity. The preparation lowers susceptibility to allergies, prevents hair brittleness and suppresses hair loss.

Administration and dosing:
Mix Biotivet S powder directly into catís feed (1 g/1 kg of b.w.(1 tablespoonful contains about 5 g of preparation)). Alternatively, before administration dilute the preparation in water or milk and sprinkle cats food with the solution.
Administer Biotivet S tablets orally (1 tablet/ 2.5 kg of b.w.) The preparation may be mixed with other vitamin preparations. The application period can vary depending on severity of skin changes, yet should not be shorter than 1 month.

200 g containers

Shelf life:
18 months from production date.

Storage conditions:
Store in dry place, at room temperature.

Certificate number:
WET z II. 4610/op - 232/98

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